In the Works: HHH – The next generation public health tool

Today’s Public Health efforts have broadened beyond just addressing sanitary conditions and communicable disease control to include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The scientific studies showing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are abundant, but data linking health to location is hard to find. The Healthy Home Hunter (HHH) tool shifts the paradigm by allowing people to comparatively understand the health profile of their home and community. To get your score visit


Connecting: The International Society of Industrial Ecology

We believe that creative, multidisciplinary approaches grounded in research are the key to improving urban life. To that end, we encourage our collaborators to become members of the International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE). Members promote the use of industrial ecology research, practices, policies, and development with the goal of making a sustainable world. Please visit http://www.is4ie.org
to learn more.


Advocacy: HPD—Health Product Declaration

Established last year, the Health Product Declaration—HPD—is a free and open standardized format for manufacturers to disclose building product content and the associated health information. To help advance transparency in the building marketplace rePlace supports the HPD by volunteering time and effort. We urge others to join this consumer-based initiative by asking for sponsorship or giving time. Please visit http://www.hpdcollaborative.org for more information.


Perspective: Monday Morning Meeting

Every Monday morning we meet to discuss the week’s upcoming work. Over time this meeting has evolved into our ideas forum. It is now how we start our week – sharing the new ideas that we have read about, seen, or discovered in the past week. Our blog is a record of these discussions. Please feel free to join our discussion by commenting on a post. http://www.mondaymorning.com

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